Advanced keylogger

Advanced keylogger

Sanmaxi-Advanced keylogger tool can capture passwords and logins, key stock, microphone sounds, email, keyboard activities, record all internet activity. You can also secretly receive logs of user's activity to your e-mail. Keyboard-logger provides total control over your PC. Advanced-Keylogger absolutely invisible, hide from task bar. You will be able to check upon your computer usage when you are away. This application designed to monitor user, employees, child, kids and monitoring web-activity. Software may take screenshots, snapshot or audio sound and send the information to an email or ftp address. Keyboard-tracker detecting keystroke-recording secretly track passwords msn conversations employee emails, websites-visited unsaved msn-conversations monitor husband's online-activity retrieving unsaved windows live password.


1. Advanced-keylogger is absolutely invisible keystroke-recorder computer keylogging software monitor the internet-activities of my employees in a company recording user voice through website keystroke-recording record audio using computer-surveillance recent activities of a pc secretly-track passwords view child's messenger-chat activity record screenshots.

2. Records everything typed on the keyboard secret computer-tracker secretly record voices computer keystroke key-logging girlfriend website-tracking get passwords that have been typed on your pc view visited websites on computer records keyboard strokes deleting websites visited retrieve past keystrokes guest account key pressed key board working saving record voice chat monitoring employees typing and messages user guest activities in xp past msn live conversations that are saved on hard drive.

3. keylogger captures-passwords and logins, view past internet activity, tracking Childs passwords on internet, keystroke tracking, monitor husbands online-activity, track admin login password finding hidden websites secret ftp download sites record key typed lost password monitoring previously viewed websites on personal computer, track text messages, secretly text capturing, send emails capture yahoo mail chats keyboard history.

4. Logger can track microphone sound, chat room voice, and chatting-conversations employee internet-use, unsaved yahoo password, key strokes, track emails, messenger chat gets saved in computer record website and email accounts visited url screenshots view previously viewed websites keep record of your kids site.

Advanced Keylogger